Filming in Progress


Filming continues for the upcoming DVD. Everybody is starting to stack the clips. Click below for pics of the action from today.

biz fakie line

I’m always amazed that something new can be done at this spot. Christian, Biz, and Mike all got sick clips from one of the most used and abused spots in LA.

bike ollie

Biz gets creative with this one. Guaranteed that this has never been done before.

biz tate line

This is the continuation from the pic above.


A day in LA is never complete without some inter-action with the colorful locals and……..


getting kicked out or ask to leave.


Mike thinks about what’s left to do over the hip


Another beautiful January day. I’m still  getting use to riding with the Hollywood sign off in the distance.

roof twhip nose

Mike putting in some work.

christian feeble

Christian gives Biz a lesson on what’s impossible and what isn’t.



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