Filming in Progress

biz doyle

Doyle is back in California to enjoy some of the warm weather and put in some more work on his section for the upcoming DVD. Check out some more pics from today below.blow out

Right after i picked Doyle up at the airport, we had a blow out doing 80 mph on the freeway. Its pretty scary being underneath the van with cars hauling ass only a few feet from your head.

matty hang five

Matty hang fiving.

doyle biz

Biz and Doyle catching some shade.

biz manual

Biz gets a sick line right before the sun disappears behind the mountains.


Matty dippin’ it

doyle decade

This would have been the cover of Freestylin’ Magazine in 80’s

chris tight rail

Chris got inspired by the freestyle walkers from a previous post. Going the distance.

chris up rail walk

Doyle on his way up.


Biz and Chris Long help the kids with there sticker jobs.