A few weeks back Matt Cordova and Kris Fox jumped in Matt’s new van to hit the road and head up to northern California to ride some amazing cement parks, camp out and take in the sights. Being the productive guys they are, they shared some of their photos with us all. Check out some of the photos and a lil writeup from Matt below.

Kris Fox and myself have been talking about going up to Big Sur and the San Fran area for a while now to do some camping and riding. Life kinda got in the way during the summer, with both of us having being busy. We finally got the chance to make it happen. So we loaded up my van and took off for a week. The parks up in Northern California were a blast. Lots of fun times were had, and definitely a fun mellow trip. Be on the lookout for an edit and a Dig Bmx article. – MC





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