Was lucky enough to have our schedules finally align and hook up with Kris the other day at a park I’ve never been to and watch and shoot Kris ride.  Watching Kris shred is always a treat; he’s fast, goes big and is down to do whatever for the camera.  Kris wrote up a lil update on what he’s been up to and projects he’s got going on this summer.

    Life as a bike rider is the easy part. It’s life as a human that tends to be more complicated. Bikes will always be around in one way or another while being a human in the world requires a lot of work and focus. At least for myself it does. After the Red Bull trip around New Zealand I was fortunate enough to be invited on at the beginning of the year, I decided to mellow out for a month or two. That trip had marked a good three and a half years of consistent traveling and riding which is always the goal. I decided to mellow out and give myself some time to recharge and reflect on everything amazing that has happened in my life recently. I didn’t want to fall into a subconscious trap of overworking myself to the point of overlooking what I had actually gotten to see in the world with the amazing people I had experienced it all with. I decided to stick close to Huntington Beach and simply ride my favorite local spots with close friends at my leisure. The sessions have been full on while the cell phone filming has not. It’s actually been great. I also got the sudden urge (with the advice of a few close friends) to write my own book. So I did. In between the sessions and continued obligations to the amazing people I ride for, I started chipping away at my own novel. I recently finished my own fiction novel at 71,000 words and 28 chapters. I don’t know what I’ll ever do with it and it will most likely sit in my closet for now, but it felt very rewarding to complete a project I felt a sudden urge to do for no reason at all.
    Now moving into this summer I feel great and I have a lot to look toward. I feel grounded, recharged, appreciative, and healthy. I was fortunate enough to get an invite to the Vans U.S. Open at the end of July and I am incredibly thankful for that. That’s always an amazing event. I also have some trips planned for Demolition and SE. Camping and bowls are involved with those trips so that’s definitely my style. They will be vacations from the constant vacation. On my bike my tricks will remain limited and my speeds will remain high because that’s what I enjoy. I have no other choice, it’s simply who I am. Aside from that I will go on doing my best to be a decent man in the world. I plan to remain true to my usual plan of keeping it simple and doing my best to contribute in a positive way toward society. If anyone made it through this many words, hope to see ya around for a session sometime! – Kris Fox





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