M.Cordova Recuperating Update

Matt took a big fall last December and has been staying busy off his bike for a bit but that hasn’t stopped him from shooting photos and filming his buds.  He just got back on the ol’ horse and is already at his usual self (see photo above).  Photo by Nathan Sykes
“In the beginning of December I got hurt resulting in a broken jaw and breaking my teeth from my jaw. During my down time I’ve been shooting lots of photos and filming a couple edits for some friends, just trying to pass my time. Finally 4 months later I’ve been released for some light riding. Recuperation is going good, I started riding about 2 weeks ago. The hardest part is being careful not to ride too hard and hit my face, my teeth are still a little loose so I’ve just been cruising getting back to the feel of things.” – Matt Cordova



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