Road Trip Pics!

Here are a bunch of photos from our road trip up north this past week. There are some good ones in here! Check them out after the jump.

Castillo, Doyle, and Cobbs giving a helping hand to a broken down driver.


Don’t mess with Dillewaard! Even though you can’t see it because its camouflage, he has a knife.


Dennis and the Boss.

Cobbs and Christian.

Crew at the park.

Dennis warming up.

Castillo killing it.

This cop won’t ever bother another bike rider again after Joey talked his ear off for 30 minutes.


Christian is pumped!

We played C-Lo everywhere we went.

It took me 3 days, but once I got the tent up it was like a mansion.

Rob was on top of keeping a good fire.

Redding trails were so sick!

Chilling after a good trail sesh.


Dillsy was not pumped on losing his money to me that early in the morning.

Enjoying the shade.

Its tuff not to get kicked out of spots with a big crew, which was proven on this trip since we got kicked out of everywhere.

Aaron and Doyle

10 mile hill bomb on the side of a mountain!

Look at that crew.

Make-shift bunny hop contest in the parking lot of a mexican joint.

Castillo autograph!




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