Always stoked to see our man, Matt Cordova get some well deserved recognition.  RIDE UK just put Matt up there amongst a slew of others for their 2016 Rider Round Up feature. Check it out on their site HERE>>

Matt Cordova is a damn good dude. He’s competent at seemingly anything he turns his hand to – BMX (obviously, he won the Van Doren Invitational), photography and motorcycle riding are all in his control and he executes it all with style and precision.

Shooting photos with Matt is easy – he goes super high and does really good looking moves. He’s one of the most stylish BMX riders ever, without doubt, and I love how motorbikes have influenced what he does – even down to designing signature parts. On the photography side of things, he might not be so much on your radar yet – but hold tight, we’ve got something in the pipeline…

For now, here are some of Matt’s reflections on a successful year on the bike.