Connor has been out for awhile with a broken big toe and has been keeping busy doing whatever the hell you do when you’re hurt and dying to get on the steed again.  He just emailed us over a quick lil update on what he’s been up to while he’s been killing time to heal up.

What’s up dudes!! Just checking in and saying what’s up!  For the past month and a half I’ve been dealing with a broken big toe!! While all the kink dudes were in town we were filming some clips and I tried to go up a rail, jumped off early and smashed the front of the step!! It’s hard dealing with injuries sometimes!! I can’t be around bmx at all, I get to bummed about not riding! While I’m hurt I try and stay busy but mainly just relax and heal!  I mostly play video games, paint my bike, work out, shoot photos and ice my injury! Playing video games kills time! Painting my bike gets me hyped on my bike when I get to ride it again and icing just feels good for any injury!  As of now I’m back on my bike getting back into the swing of things!! I’ve had three awesome sessions so far and can’t wait for many more!! Peace dudes, until next time!! – Connor Lodes



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