Vegas Day 2

We were approached by a gang of kids headed by Malibu’s most wanted in this park, to make sure we weren’t “tagging”. Thanks god we weren’t or we would felt the wrath of a dozen 15 year olds and their dog Fluffy. Click for more pics from day 2.

Christian makes sure the dolly is in line.

Rob gets ready to head into uncharted territory. Seeing this move alone will be worth the price of the Last Chance DVD.

Everybody makes sure that they saw what they think they just seen.

This was one of the slowest crashes i ever seen. Christian decides no more feelers.

The game here was to bounce the tennis ball on all four table tops. We all thought it couldn’t be done till Tate proved us wrong.

When your gonna try and shoot a pic of Dennis, you better be ready first try. I wasn’t.

I didn’t get to many tries to get this one right either. A bit late, sorry Dennis.



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  • Mike

    If you guys need any more idea for spots I live in vegas you could Email me I live and ride out here . good work at the Discovery Rail

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