Weekend Fun

nose mike bike front

Rooftop, Biz and myself met up in the 909 today, in search of new spots. I sessioned Mike’s bike and got  reacquainted with the front brakes. Click below for a few more pics.me nose  behind

Front brakes again, from behind

freestyle running

I didn’t know that people actually did freestyle walking. These guys had a whole crew, with matching t-shirts and a filmer. Mike was a bit out of his element being flipped over instead of doing the flipping.

mike long jump

We rode this dirt jump for awhile. It might not have been pretty, but Mike beat my mark on the long jump.


This is my first dirt jumping photo in at least 15 years. This was shot a bit late, because i know i was way more clicked than the pic shows.


Cali smog makes for beautiful sunsets.



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