We’re super excited to have Jason Watts officially a part of the Demolition team. We’re also excited to get to work on projects together and hit the road with him in the very near future. We’ve been keeping this on the down low for some time and waited till Jason was in town to shoot something proper to get up. Below are a few quotes from Matt Cordova, Dennis Enarson and Kris Fox on how they feel about Jason and him being on the team, and his new bike check. 

>> Jason’s signature 360 invert one footer.  Photo: Nathan Sykes

I was stoked when I caught wind of the news on Jason being added to the team. With us being teammates on prior sponsors, and the Fast and Loose trips happening, traveling with him is always a good time.
When thinking of guys who can ride anything you throw in front of them, Jason’s name comes to mind. Deep end pool coping, big dirt jumps, or some crazy nose manual maneuver, all done with his wild style and a big smile on his face. He fits the Demolition vibe very well, and stoked to have him on the team. – Matt Cordova

“He’s a damn good dude who just wants everyone to loosen up and have fun.”

Jason couldn’t fit the Demolition team any better. He loves shredding everything from crusty tight pools to huge skateparks. He’s all about being on the road filming, and just having a great time with the boys. Watts brings the best vibes no matter what the situation is too. He’s always been a pick of mine to add onto Demo too, it took a little while but he’s a part of the official team, and is here to stay. Couldn’t be more stoked on this addition to the team! – Dennis Enarson

After all that we’ve been through together I’m confident I can call Jason Watts one of my best mates. Hell, I’ve already even seen the dude five out of the seven months of this year and we both live on opposite points of the globe. He’s largely been my subject in most of my Dig short stories as well as my main subject for our upcoming Fast and Loose novel. First and foremost, he doesn’t reek of bullshit. He’s authentic. Either you take the guy or you don’t, and quite frankly he most likely won’t give a damn either way. It’s not him being conceited or coldhearted, it’s simply him understanding the bigger picture in life, the picture that mainstream society never seems to grasp. He’s like a cartoon character of sorts. One of those sparse human beings intricately constructed in the laboratory that produces solely those who can’t seem to focus on anything aside from having a good time, even if that means innocently breaking a law or two while winging it the entire way. He’s the type of guy that doesn’t mind blowing his contest winnings on an unreliable lowered van to thrash his friends up and down the coast of a country foreign to his own. While mainstream society is busy dolling itself up to grandly portray itself on the internet in some profound manner, Jason is casually strolling from moment to moment under a full-brimmed straw hat with a half-buttoned party shirt hanging from his torso. Of course, that’s when he’s not wrestling with a nose-wheelie from twelve-foot deep end to twelve-foot deep end or ten plus feet out on a savage rounded bowl corner that the locals won’t even put tires on.
Aside from his entertaining antics I’ve shared plenty of beers with him in foreign bars on foreign continents under foreign portions of a vast universe. We’ve chewed the fat about life and there’s no denying the type of man he is. He’s a damn good dude who just wants everyone to loosen up and have fun. He has an inborn ability to give the tension some slack, and that ability is genuine and can’t be learned. I think that’s simply what he brings to the team. We all know he’s one of the best to do it on a bike, we all know he’ll film insane clips and get photos that most of us wish were us, but most importantly he’s a good dude who brings a rawness to the group. A rawness that glorifies that “bigger picture”, a rawness that when you’re in the van or on the deck you can look over to him, party shirt flapping in the breeze, and have a quick chuckle of gratitude for the ease of the moment. Plus, the legendary veterans of the team like Dennis and Biz already know him well. There’s that old saying: “Enjoy the now because it won’t last forever.” I believe Jason is a walking reminder of that. On’ya champion, welcome to the family. – Kris Fox

Frame: FIT Heartbreaker 21″
Fork: Demolition Fox Fork
Bars: Demolition Rig 9″
Stem: Demolition Stylus
Grips: Demolition Axes
Headset: Demolition
Seatpost: Demolition Pivotal
Seat: Backbone Slim
Pedals: Demolition Trooper PC
Cranks: Demolition Revolt 170mm
Sprocket: Demolition Markit 28t
Chain: Shadow
Front Tire: Demolition Machete 2.35″
Front Wheel: Demolition Zero hoop laced to Demolition Ghost Hub
Rear Tire: Demolition Machete 2.35″
Rear Wheel: Demolition Zero hoop laced to Demolition Rotator V2 Freecoaster
Pegs: Demolition Team

>> Decade air over the hip. Photo: Brian Castillo