Trick Tips With Matt Cordova

Matt Cordova Trick Tips
We all know Matt Cordova can boost any transition in his way and can throw down some of the most stylish tricks, so we thought it would be rad to have Matt talk about how he does what he does to possibly help you guys out too.  Read below on Matt’s tips on what to do or what to look out for, and hopefully you’ll see yourself going higher and stretching your tricks out longer.

1. Pick a quarter and a trick you are comfortable with. Pump into the bottom of the transition, feel the coping pop with both tires, and lean back. If I’m trying to go higher I try to just lean back and pull a little harder.
2. When you get in the air you will kinda just feel if you’re nose diving or tail diving.  So just make sure it feels good when you come off and you’ll be styling.
3. Start your trick right before you reach your peak. So when you are peaked in the air, your trick is at full extension. That way you will also have enough time to come out of the trick before landing back in the quarter.
Now go turn up the speed and let her rip!- Matt Cordova



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