Recently took a little mini trip across the desert to Arizona to hang out at Premises Park for the 2nd annual Battle in Barrio contest, put together by our guy Kevin Peraza. Couldn’t resist a little Chandler session on the way of course… Matt was casually blasting one of the best quarters ever sculpted by man and shooting some photos with our friend Angie Marino. Meanwhile our young bowl ripper and health food fanatic, Baby Johnny was filming a clip across the park, hit the eject button and blasted his knee on his bars. Just a little set back for not so “baby” Johnny. We then hit the road up to Tucson to meet up with our stylish world traveler Kevin Peraza and Ian, the owner of Premises Park for the Battle in the Barrio Contest.

Photos shot by Angie Marino, Matt Cordova and Baby Johnny. Also stoked to see some of the local talent out there, Adler Cromer and Jagger Nelson with some cameo photos. These kids were killing it.

HUGE thanks to Ian over at Premises for holding it down in Tucson with such a great scene and group of kids, and for all his hospitality.