Demolition in Colorado Day 1 and 2

So we’ve been on the road to Colorado for the last two day and have yet to make it to Colorado. Even though we’ve spent most of the last two days on the road we’ve been keeping ourselves entertained. We’ve sessioned Tate’s pong table, had a few brews with good friends in Salt Lake City, watched a lady smoke meth in her car at a red light and all while we getting a constant gaseous bombardment from Biz’s ass, which has been especially difficult being locked in the rig. Oh ya and when Biz farts and we’re all dying from Biz’s ass smell, he tries to mask the smell by lighting his leg hair on fire… As for day two, it has taken us the down the long and lonely road through Wyoming and into Cheyenne. And in regards to riding there hasn’t been much more than a few tumble weeds, tweakers, cowboys and truck stops to look at. Stay tuned for more and click on the post to check out our gallery from the first two days on the road.



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