Drive and Ditch Day.

We were on our way to Flagstaff when we saw this ditch from the side of the freeway. 6 hours later, there was a hand full of unbelievable clips in the camera. Click for more pics.

This was very productive stop.

Let the show begin.

This was a hot one, Osato and Biz check out Keith’s timing. On point as usual.

The sun was blazing this day, and i took it out of all us. Biz catches some Z’s.

Rob starts off one of his many sick lines with this ice.

Rob, downside whip

Rob again, oppo 270 lookback.

Dennis did almost everything you could do on a bike here, so he got on the skateboard.

Getting ready to pass over the Hoover Dam.

We stopped for a quick shot of the sunset before we headed off into the night.