Another beautiful day in Flagstaff. The Rob and Dennis show continues. Both these 2 logged another day of straight bangers for the Last Chance DVD. Click for a ton more pics below.

Dennis grinds a shaky gate to T-bog into the street.

Christian ices up a too perfect set up.

Rob manning the 2nd angle.

I’m pretty sure that this sub rail had never seen action like Osato laid down on it.

Dennis footjams over the  sub at the BMX only skatepark.

Dennis no hands with Rob on his tail.

Dennis. WOW!

Christian crook’s

Dennis butters it .

Dennis puts his wax job to the test.

Rob gets nuts yet again. He dropped several insane moves at this spot. His section is gonna be unbelievable.


Dennis goes over and bars out .

Dennis with a feeler.


Don’t believe everything you read kids.



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  • Ryan Johnson

    The one day I take a break from riding the Domolition team comes and rides at my park… I’m gonna have to buy the video coming out! All the guys at the park were telling me about the sick air over the peanut bowl and out of the vert bowl onto the dirt bank… I wish I was there!

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