The Demolition guys have had a hectic summer and with things “winding down”, we decided it was time for a trip to end the year properly. The van was loaded with Kris Fox, Mike “Hucker” Clark, Tyler Fernengel and myself (Matt Cordova). We had plans to meet up with Dennis Enarson and Jason Watts who already had plans to head to AZ to film on a new Vans project. With Phoenix in route, shop stops on the schedule and skateparks to hit in mind, the boys hit the ground running. Photos: Matt Cordova

On this trip we only got to link up with Jason and Dennis a couple times but we wanted to do something a little bit special for our man, Jason Watts. We wanted to welcome him to the pro team with a proper “shoey” for good measure.

Big thanks to Unity Ride Shop and Premises Skatepark for the hospitality and all the locals that came out to the shop stops and rode with us!

The guys’ bikes in all their glory! From left to right; Kris, Hucker and Tyler’s bikes.