More SLC


The weather  has been on and off the whole time we’ve been in SLC, with the exception of today, which was perfect. Click below to see some more pics from the last few days.dave 5050

christ stretch

Biz gives Christian a few pointers on his yoga moves

dillewaard sub

dill ice over

Dillewaard, ice hop over

rob barrier hop

Rob, goes over the hard way, nothing new

barrier fj

Christian, ice to fj

dillewaard dirtjump

Dillewaard, hits some of the best dirt jumps SLC has to offer.

biz 180

Biz, getting one of the sickest lines of the trip

crazy crew

Some of the freindly locals. Some of the craziest people i’ve ever seen live in this apt complex.

dill rail spit

Dillewaard thanks Joseph Smith for long legs.


Another amazing local. He wouldnt leave till he touch all our seats.

checking footy


check footy

The clip was lurker approved

biz check


rob 2pegs

Rob’s choice

biz ice

Biz’ choice

christian ice

Christian , ice

rob 180

Rob, 180

dill bars

Dillewarrd, b’s

stunt table

We cruised up to Elf’s house one night so Christian could dial in his bike. Elf has an epic man cave, here’s a pic of the foosball stunt table. Amazing

joe smith

Very early cave drawing, a good part of the morman religion was based on these cave drawings, that were discovered in the mid 80’s

clock tower

The Doc got a couple real good chances this week to get the Dolorean back to the future

sunset slc

Good night SLC and thanks for having us.