Road Life

Pre-inspection line at the Antelope Wells boarding crossing. Welcome back to the good ole USA. Click for more pics from the trip.


Alfredo and Biz argue over who looks better in the leather vest.

I have to side with Biz on this one. Hard as fuck!

If you ever see this sign, and you find yourself interested, don’t look below because I’m gonna spoil the surprise.

This is the THING. Worth the dollar and a few minutes.

After a few hour drive through the southwest, we landed in Phoenix. We decided to ride a few spots with the aid of the generator.

Matty, wax on

Matty, wax off

Biz taking the game of footdown.

Let there be light.

Biz warms up the rubber.

Glenn, too much green sauce

The magic.

A night on this trip wouldn’t be complete with out some fireworks. Do fireworks explode under water? Only one way to find out.

They do.