Ronnie and Dennis are turning Japanese….

Is case you thought I was serious, our buddies Ronald and Dennis are not turning Japanese. They recently traveled to Japan with the Haro team and Ron was awesome enough to send some photo over from their trip along with an update on what he has been up to lately. Check out the photos from their trip by clicking on the post.

“Hey everyone, just checking in and letting everyone know what I have been up too. Last couple months have been really crazy for me. Ive only actually been home for like a total of 2 weeks since July! Just been on the move, and riding a ton. I just got back from Japan yesterday on a Haro Bikes trip. It was such a good trip, got to hang with the boys and eat some crazy food haha. Ill be at nora cup/interbike this year also, and right after that some of the Demolition boys and I will be on the east coast for a Demolition Dirt trip. Im looking forward to that so badly you guys have no idea. Ive been dying to get flow some trails with a bunch of good friends. Yeah other than that Ill hopefully be chillin and filming for the MARKIT video as well.. haha been busy but couldnt be happier! talk to you guys soon and here are some pics from Japan! Later Everyone!” — Ronnie



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