Tea and Biscuits Second Stop

We met up with kick flip connoisseur, Phil de Mattia who kindly lead us on a guided spot tour of Britain’s streetest city, Liverpool. It was a fine day and most of the crew just sat back and laughed while Stevie Churchill effortlessly raised the bar a few notches at some of Liverpool’s most infamous spots. The double drop at Tunnel Banks has seen its fair share of action over the years, Phelan has whipped it and a couple of dudes have three’d it. After Stevie threw in his 2p’s worth it’s hard to imagine what the next big move there could possibly be.

Hucker was having a blast bar riding all over town hollering at girls, until he fell off in front of a coach causing the driver to slam on the brakes and throw all his passengers violently forward, livid Scouse bus drivers are some of the scariest humans on the planet and Hucker felt the wrath.  After that he kept his feet more on his pedals than his grips.

In the evening we headed to Rampworx to drink tea and eat biscuits with one thousand riders. Doyle, Hucker and Churchill killed the place and by the end of the night the scene was verging on biblical, with the crew being treated as Gods and us feeding the 5000 with tea and Hobnobs.

Big thanks to all the crew at the park for hooking us up, they went all out with their hospitality – free food, drinks and bike parts. They’ve had their doors open now for 15 years now and it’s all down to their commitment and awesome attitude. – Elephant Distribution
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