Tea and Biscuits in Dartmoor

Dartmoor today for some hiking and sightseeing. Stevie Churchill is afraid of heights so he couldn’t climb up the rock, it’s weird as he’ll 360 El Torro without batting an lash but he’s too scared to climb up a billion year old stack of granite. Doyle broke up the long drive and entertained by reciting infamous scenes from the Spinal Tap film as we drove past Stonehenge.

We arrived at Brighton BMX about 4pm and the grill was lit. We rode the ramps and flipped burgers until the sun went down. After dark we hit the bar where Hucker ordered a quadruple Jamesons, the bar maid commented that it was the biggest drink they had ever served, Hucker’s reply was, “You better stick another shot in it then.” Mastroni was on for a promise from an “earthy” looking hippy chick but he was forced to abort mission after he discovered she was going to be snorting horse tranquilizers and exploring dark caves.

Cheers to shop owner Bob for putting on a great spread. – Elephant Distribution Click above image for the full galleryt



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