Tea and Biscuits in Hastings

Today was spent dodging rain and riding bikes in the home of television and the spiritual home of UK BMX, Hastings. First off we checked the infamous Marina double set to see if Stevie was feeling any bar raising, but the wind was howling head on so we had to turn our backs on the status spot and head to the shelter of The Source’s backyard set up. We rode there for a couple of hours before drinking another few litres of tea and heading over to 4Down’s new indoor facility. The place is really well designed and finished to a super high standard and, although only a couple of weeks old, has already been sessioned by a slewth of UK and US big shots. Stevie and Broc more than held their own and laid down a fair few firsts, big shout out to Ian, Dean, Coxie, Bomber, Wildcat and Mark and Rich Moore. Cheers – Elephant Distribution Click above image for the full gallery



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