Ticos and Tamales Tour: Day 3

Day 3 has come to an end and it was the craziest day yet. We started off the day with press conference on Costa Rican TV promoting the sport of BMX in Costa Rica, as well as their largest bmx contest, BMX PARK CONTEST. We then hit up Braulio’s shop for an awesome shop stop with the coolest locals ever. It’s weird to think that we don’t speak the same language but can totally relate to each other through BMX, which is so rad. We then got on the bikes and rode street in San Jose for the rest of the day. The traffic and the driving habits in San Jose are completely insane, Braulio told us it was a jungle in the streets and he wasn’t kidding! With cars, motorcycles and busses zipping by within inches of us without tapping the brakes we were looking over our shoulder with every move made. Stay tuned for more updates from this wild adventure and follow us on instagram at @DemolitionParts and #TicosAndTamales

Be sure to click on the post to check out the rest of the photos from Day 3 of our Ticos and Tamales Tour!



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