Viva Las Vegas

Here’s a few pics from the first day of filming in Las Vegas. The whole crew(Christian,Dennis,Rob,Tate,Osato,Biz) shredded and there were some bangers clocked for Last Chance. Click below for a couple more pics.

7:30 am.

The first spot of the day was real productive and colorful.

Where should we start?

Rob warms up the slides.

Christian, tube to no hands.

Dennis, tube to bars

Keith Mulligan and Tate set up to take advantage of a beautiful Las Vegas morning.

Dennis puts in a little work behind the cam.

Lil’ help.

Dennis loosens up his back with a quick 5-0 on the quarter.

Dennis kick flips into the bank on the filming board.

Footjam fakie.

Whippin it.

Dennis ends the demo with no hands.



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