Parker Heath's 'PAR KER' Video

Parker Heath's 'PAR KER' Video

Parker Heaths 'PAR KER' Video

Parkers new Video titled ‘PAR KER’!

With 5 minutes plus of the creativity you can expect from Parker, like his full speed one-handed x-up dubs on legit downrails. You can’t slow him down!

This one is worth a few watch throughs to catch everything.

Don’t forget to check out the photos below and enjoy!

Title is derived from the handwritten signature I do on all my art pieces, and gives a glimpse into the creative life I sustain alongside my life as a rider. I’m lucky that “PAR KER made” has become my full-time job, and my biggest creative outlet with my paintings, ceramics, and textile work. Collaborating with another creative, who is beyond talented, Dalton Voss, was an opportunity to shed a light on a bit more of a “rider portrait” rather than just BMX tricks in a video part. We wanted to merge and share all the things we like to do that are expressive for ourselves and utilize other creative media.” – Parker Heath

Filmed by: Matt Cordova, Noa Carone, Albert Mercado, Jeff Zielinski, Tony Ennis, Mike “Yup” Moores, Jake Willier, Jayden Mucha, Bernard Coleman, Blake Peters, and Michael Mogollon

Thanks to OurBmx for hosting this video on thier site!

Edited by: Dalton Voss


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