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  • First Week

    A couple of posts back we blogged that we moved into a new building.  Our new phone system has been in and out all week but hopefully we’ll have it all settled asap.  Feel free to email us if you need to reach us at info(at)  Sorry for any inconvenience.  Thanks again for the support […]

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  • Alfredo and Sho

    More fun than work pic #2.  Pictured is Alfredo Mancuso jumping Sho (Demolition warehouse employee)

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  • Another day at the office

    Our good buds over at DVS sent over a little care package (bike lights, bottle openers,beer bongs and etc).  Above is the Demolition sales staff utilizing the beer bongs (it’s water this time moms).

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  • Movin On Up

    We’ve moved! 180 Distribution, mothership of Demolition Parts, has officially moved, and we’re all set up in our new location in AnaCrime….ahem*…I mean Anaheim, CA. After 5 years at a location that seemed like gold in the beginning, we’re finally out of our haunted warehouse (no joke) that would also flood during the occasional California […]

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