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  • Lost in Lone Star: Day 5

    Half way through the trip, and the spots are still endless! We spent the whole day sessioning a loading dock spot behind one of the biggest Latino dance clubs in Texas. There was nobody around so we blasted music from the van as the crew went in on clips. Our friend Nick, who is the […]

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  • Lost in Lone Star: Day 4

    The fourth day of our DemolitionxMarkit trip was a pretty chill day compared to the others. Everybody was pretty beat from riding the previous day but Aaron, Connor, and Geoff still managed to pull through with some ridiculous clips. We called it pretty early so everybody could get recharged for the next day. When we […]

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  • Lost in Lone Star: Day 3

    Day three in San Antonio was spent at the DIY ditch spot all day. James Ditch is unreal! You could have fun there for days on end. Luckily we got a whole day there and everybody clipped up for MARKIT ZERO and for the DemolitionXMARKIT edit. Make sure to keep an eye out for what’s […]

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  • Lost in Lone Star: Day 2

    Day 2 was even more productive than day one out here in San Antonio. We hit a few amazing spots, stopped at a local BBQ, chilled with some friends, got a couple clips for Markit Zero and kept plucking away at out Markit X Demolition edit. Follow the whole crew and out trip at #LostInLoneStar. […]

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  • Lost in Lone Star: Day 1

    The first Demolition collab trip has officially begun with our best homies, MarkitBMX. It’s only day one and already a ton of awesome shit has gone down along with too many funny ball busting moments to mention. With all the sredding and ball busting going down only time will tell how much of San Anotnio […]

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  • Lost In Lone Star

    Our BIG collab trip with the Markit crew to San Antonio TX is about to begin. Riders going are Connor Lodes, Ronnie Napolitan, Aaron Smith, Rob Wise, Dennis Enarson and Geof Slattery.  Mike Mastroni and Joey Cobbs will also be behind the lens.  Be on the lookout for an edit later on and Joey will […]

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  • RE-UP Demolition NorthEast Trails Trip Edit

    This trip was rad from beginning to end, awesome crew, awesome spots, not much driving, and tons of fun. I think this edit does a great job showing just how epic this trip was. This edit did just come out earlier this month along with the print article in Dig Issue 91 but why not […]

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  • Demolition Northeast Trails Edit!

    The Northeast trails trip was one of those trips that when you heard about the idea you immediately got excited. The very thought of bringing the world’s best trail riders to the world’s best trails gets people imagining what those sessions just might look like. Well imagine no more, click play to watch the magic […]

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  • Demolition Trails Trip Edit Live on DIG!

    The edit from the North East Trails Trip that we did with QBP this summer has been released on DIG’s site exclusively for the next 24hrs!! Be sure to head over to their site and watch the edit right now! Also, be sure to check back here tomorrow to watch the edit again on our […]

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