The all new 2020 Ryan 'Biz' Jordan V4 ROTATOR Pro freecoaster hub. We improved on everything that you guys asked for and then some. Above video are just some of the new features on the V4. Rotator hubs and wheels available now. Add to Wishlist Zero Freecoaster Wheel $259.99 Select options Add to Wishlist Ryan [...] Continue Reading

    Always on the grind, and stacking clips. Biz isn’t slowing down anytime soon and his RotatoR freecoaster wheel is rolling along side him every step of the way…

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    The big spring shipment has arrived with all our new goods, including the new V3 RotatoR wheels, Whistler wheels, and new colors for the Hammerhead and Momentum tires.  Don’t sleep, hit up your local shop or mail order dealer to swoop em up asap. 

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    We just realized we haven’t done a giveaway in awhile for you guys and came up with a quick and easy way for you guys to get your hands on our signature Ryan “Biz” Jordan freecoaster wheel (your choice of LHD or RHD).  That’s a $200 wheel that could be yours for free! Rules: Repost […]

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    Biz is always good for a good laugh and hearing his philosophies on things makes for a very enlightening day. This day was like any other and was enlightened by Biz’s bunnyhop t-bogs in a ditch where many others have done things we dare not repeat about. Biz can also go backwards and forwards like […]

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    The signature Ryan 'Biz' Jordan RotatoR freecoaster wheel just got that much better with a non drive side aluminum hub guard included with every wheel.  That's right, that's a savings of $26 (msrp).  Get at em while supplies last at your local dealer or online. [custom_add_to_cart show_price="false" size="vc_btn_lg" style="vc_btn_square_outlined" align="center" id="18734"] Continue Reading
  • RotatoR Wheels Back in Stock

    The RotatoR revolution continues! Our RotatoR freecoaster wheels are back in stock. These things have been unparalleled in popularity and we’re so stoked. We can’t keep them in stock. We just got a new shipment in, so hit up your favorite Demolition dealer quick, fast, and in a hurry before they’re gone again…..We also got […]

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  • Biz’s RotatoR Ad

    For all those that haven’t seen Biz’s latest RotatoR video, you’re missing out on some classic Biz moves and a slew of new spots and tricks from the man. This ad photo of him jumping out of the window is what he shot with Joey Cobbs while filming for the video. And while you’re at […]

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  • Biz’s 2015 RotatoR Video

    Biz once again proves why he’s been a top rider for almost 2 decades. This new RotatoR freecoaster video is of his latest/ greatest that he’s been filming throughout most of 2014. Filmed and edited by: Calvin Kosovich

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  • Biz Whoppers Over The Snake River

    If you haven’t noticed, Ryan ‘Biz’ Jordan can hop whip just about anything.  This photo is a prime example of Biz’s whopper power that he took while on our last trip to CO.  Biz’s RotatoR freecoaster is also back in stock and available at all finer Demolition dealers nearest you.  Click image to go Big.  Photo by […]

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  • March Goods!

    If you’ve been paying attention to our social media sites, you might have noticed we’ve been pumping up all our new goods that are dropping in March.  This is probably one of our biggest new product drops we’ve had in a long time.  After the jump is everything that is coming in with a brief […]

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  • RotatoR How-To

    Since we’ve had our RotatoR freecoaster hub, we’ve received a number of questions on how to take apart the hub and how to adjust the slack in the hub.  With this how-to video, we explain those questions asked plus much more.  We also wanted to show you how much slack in degrees you can get […]

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