Demolition/QBP Florida Tour!!

The Demolition Crew is coming to Florida to hang out and ride at a skatepark or bike shop near you. Check out the flyer and if your anywhere near Jacksonville, Orlando, Sarasota or Tampa be sure to come out and hang out! See you there.

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Traveling With Dennis Enarson


The Union caught up with Dennis Enarson to talk to him about this thoughts on traveling all over the world, the good and the bad. You would think Dennis has been practically everywhere but in this interview you’ll find out where he’s been, where he hasn’t and where he would love to go someday. Click HERE to head over the The Union and check out Traveling with Dennis Enarson. All photos provided by Mark Losey, NikeBMX.

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A Day with Tyler and Mike

Vital’s Brandon Means linked up with teammates and roommates, Tyler Fernengel and Mike Gray, to see what it is like to live a day in their shoes. A few burnouts, barspins, a few waves and a volkswagen later and you get a vague idea of what it’s like to live the endless summer. Hit play and enjoy!

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Corey Walsh Welcome Video

When I hear about a BMX racer that made the transition to park, I immediately think of Kris Fox but later heard from our Canadian distributor, Killemall about a kid named Corey Walsh that has a similar background as Kris.  Corey also has a very similar riding style too, which is going scary fast at everything, and having amazing good style.  Huge thanks again goes out to our Canadian distributor, Killemall distribution for making this all happen and getting Corey on our Canadian team.

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Two Afternoons With Mr. Rigal


Christian is easily one of the most active dudes in BMX, if he’s not riding he’s filming and if he’s not filming he’s shooting photos, and if he’s not riding, filming or shooting he’s looking for spots! So it’s not all the often that I get the chance to link up and ride some street with him and this last week we actually got to meet up twice for a sesh. Each time we had a blast hanging out riding some local spots and when the opportunity arose, we shot some photos too. And if you know Christian, anything he’s doing on his bike is rad and deserves a look to see what he’s up to. So click on the link and see what went down during two afternoon sessions with Christian Rigal.

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VXtras with Young Fern

Doeby Films just started releasing a cool little video segment called VXtras, pretty simply concept, just a couple of rad clips with the Ol’ VX. And one of the first installments is with Demolition’s Tyler “Young Fern” Fernengel. He is just too good!

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Drew Hosselton’s Arizona Highways Wallpaper

blog-demo-drew-az edit

You might think since Drew Hosselton recently finished up filming for his highly anticipated section in the upcoming Volume Bikes DVD, The Finer Things, that he may take some time off to relax and enjoy the fruits of successfully filming a DVD part. But not Drew, as soon as he wrapped up filming for the DVD he dove straight into his next project with good friend and fellow AZ enthusiast Greg Moliterno. The two will are traveling up and down every AZ Highway, exploring every unchecked corner of the state to find the most hidden and unique spots AZ has to offer in order to put together an edit that gives appreciation to their beloved state. And this here wild nose jam fakie is just the beginning of what Drew has in store for this project. So click on the photo to check it out BIG and be sure to save it as your brand new crispy ass desktop wallpaper.

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Union’s Marble Scoop

BMX Union just put up a Sneak Peek of our new Marble aluminum kit.  Check it out HERE and get ready for it all to launch this March!

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Drew Hosselton Defining The Finer Things

The man, the myth, the legend, Drew Hoss sits down with RideBMX to talk about his defining DVD section in the upcoming Volume Bikes DVD project, The Finer Things. Drew is all about talking his riding to new places and in new directions so the fact that he is saying this DVD part is his ” Defining Part” as a rider is really saying something. Find out what else he’s got to say about The Finer Things by hitting this here link.

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Hucker’s Nora Interview

Mike "Hucker" Clark NORA Cup 2014
Rad lil interview with Hucker about winning Nora Cup, and everything else he has planned coming up and then some. Check it out at RIDE bmx here.

“Mike “Hucker” Clark is truly one-of-a kind. His riding style is loose, uninhibited, exciting, unpredictable, and always memorable. But the best thing about Mike is that for all of his incredible riding skill, he’s just as great off the bike—bringing a positive attitude, loads of fun, and a constant smile wherever he goes. It should come as no surprise that he walked away with his third NORA Cup in a row for #1 Dirt Rider in 2014.” RIDE BMX

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