Weekend With Doyle

Doyle was in town for the weekend before his Kink tour and we shot a couple bangers on dirt, concrete and water.  Put this GoPro photo of him jumping through a fountain up on Instagram the other day and figured we’d get it on the blog too.  Expect to see more photos from the weekend soon…

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Traveling With Hucker

Traveling With Hucker

Ever wonder what it’s like to travel as much as a top pro bmxer?  By no means is Mike “Hucker” Clark a “normal” pro but he travels more than most and is possibly the best at entertaining himself to keep it fun and not get burnt out.  We decided to sit down with Mike and see what it takes, and hear about some of his stories on how he keeps it fun. “So I just turned around and pooped in the shower while we was taking a shower.”  Hit more to read one of our funniest interviews we’ve done.  View Gallery

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Tip To Tail – Episode 3

It’s time for a weekly dosage of Red Bull‘s Tip To Tail. This week, in Episode 3, the dudes sessions a few amazing parks and a local set of trails. Check back next week for Episode 4!

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April Drop Ad With R.Wise

Our April drop with all our new goods just arrived and what better way to celebrate other than a badass photo of Rob Wise and all the new parts (Marble parts, Axes grips, Bipolar pegs, and Hucker seat).  Click image to go big >>

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Corey Walsh’s Demolition Winter Road Trip

“Decided to plan a road trip to escape the end of the Canada winter and  ended up driving down to Austin TX from Vancouver BC to pick up my my good buddy James Van DE Kamp and Mike Carroll. James was living in Austin for the winter and Mike flew down to Austin so he could road trip back up to Canada with us. Ended up taking us 3 weeks to drive home. Got to meet so many rad people and ride some unreal spots. Filmed a little bit on the trip. Huge thanks to everyone who gave us a house to stay at, and Mike, James, and Sam Stebila for helping film this video. Nothing but good times.” – Corey Walsh

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Not every cover photo is the perfect situation; It could be in the middle of the night, deck on fire, raining and you’re tired but Dennis and Ruben made it all happen.  Here’s the video of it all going down.

As a compliment to the all-encompassing video we posted yesterday, I went ahead and put together this rather awesome timeline of what Ruben Alcantara, Dennis Enarson, Vincent Perraud, and Christian Rigal went through to get their photo. As Ruben states it, as everyone was eating burritos from Taco Bell in sunny SoCal, they were out putting in work to make it happen. And obviously their hard work paid off, as Vincent scored the cover with his amazing photo. Again, thank you to everyone involved! – RIDEbmx

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Chris Doyle & Aaron Smith’s Demolition Parts Winter Edit

When Chris and Aaron asked if they could make this happen, I had no idea how much they actually go through during their winter.  What I thought was going to be a 2 day filming mission at a couple indoor parks, turned out to be a lot more intense due to the weather.  In the end, both Aaron and Chris came through with some amazing clips at the parks.  Thanks again to Lee for making this video happen and Rye and the Wheel Mill for allowing the guys to film at their parks.  Below is Chris’ description on what went down:

“Winters in the northeastern United States can be long and cruel… this past winter has been particularly merciless. Therefore, myself and long time friend and teammate, Aaron Smith decided to get together with Lee Hopkins to film an edit to highlight how so many BMXers stay on their bikes while living in a cold climate. The whole edit was to take place at Aaron’s home park in Rye, NH, Rye Airfield. True to form, a day into filming, a blizzard came and rocked the northeast, causing a massive shutdown of business and travel and we could not finish the edit at Rye as planned. When I was finally able to make it back home to Pittsburgh, I decided to round out the edit by filming a few clips at my local indoor facility, The Wheel Mill. Now, enjoy this short edit and let’s embrace spring and warmer temps but always remember to support your local indoor parks! A special thanks to The Wheel Mill and Rye Airfield!” – Chris Doyle

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Tip to Tail: Episode 2

The boys are back again this week for Episode 2 of the Tip to Tail series. Watch as Hucker, Fox, Bohan, & Leeming session more amazing skateparks and then get into some fun outside of BMX. Stay tuned to the Red Bull NZ website for for Tip to Tail episodes coming soon.

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M.Cordova Recuperating Update

Matt took a big fall last December and has been staying busy off his bike for a bit but that hasn’t stopped him from shooting photos and filming his buds.  He just got back on the ol’ horse and is already at his usual self (see photo above).  Photo by Nathan Sykes
“In the beginning of December I got hurt resulting in a broken jaw and breaking my teeth from my jaw. During my down time I’ve been shooting lots of photos and filming a couple edits for some friends, just trying to pass my time. Finally 4 months later I’ve been released for some light riding. Recuperation is going good, I started riding about 2 weeks ago. The hardest part is being careful not to ride too hard and hit my face, my teeth are still a little loose so I’ve just been cruising getting back to the feel of things.” – Matt Cordova

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Trail Reflections With Hucker

Hucker Dreamline 2013
You know anything to do with Hucker is gold.  The man loves to ride, and loves to have fun while doing it (and not doing it).  Dig just put up a Re Print of his Trail Reflections interview and as always, it’s a good read and worth another look. Photo above: Dreamline 2013. Perfect 360 table. Photo by Wes McGrath

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