Enarson’s Rig Line Gallery


Our good friends over at Markit Denim put up a rad little gallery yesterday of photos shot throughout the filming of Dennis’ Rig Line edit. Head over to MARKIT DENIM and check out amazing photos like this fake whip down a four stair and then when your through checking those out, click on this LINK and watch Dennis’ edit again because it is simply too good not to.

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Dennis Enarson’s Demolition Parts Parts Part

Dennis Enarson and good friend, Christian Rigal originally set out to make a quick lil promo video for Dennis’ new Rig line of parts but ended up coming back with 6 minutes of bangers on just about everything rideable from SD to SF. There’s not enough words that can describe how good Dennis is on a bike and how much control he has on dirt, street and ramps. Dennis’ Rig line bars (out now), tires and cranks are fully designed and tested (thoroughly by the looks of this video) by Dennis himself. Watch now and be ready to get stoked.

Dennis Rig bar is available now
Rig Crank will be available Summer 2014
Rig 2.4 & 2.25 tires will be available Fall 2014
Music: Power Of Zeus – “The Death Trip”
Filmed & Edited By Christian Rigal

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Snakes on a BMX with Hucker

Hucker and Red Bull are back at it once again. This time watch Hucker talk about Australia, Cam White’s trails, an encounter with one of the most dangerous snakes in the world, and then throw down some seriously insane riding at the Cam White Hillside Dirt Jam.

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Markit Denim: Connor Unseen/Seen Markit Zero Photos


They guys at Markit Denim are at it again with their Unseen Markit Zero photos feature, this time with Demolition’s Connor Lodes. The above wall ride was featured in Connor’s Dig Mag Interview so it’s not exactly “unseen” but it’s still kick ass! Check out the gallery HERE.

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Rolls V2 How-Tube!

We’ve been knocking out some How-To’s lately in the office and our next one is ready. It shows the in’s and out’s of taking the Rolls V2 hub apart and switching it between LHD and RHD using the Switch Drive System (SDS). Filmed and edited by our very own Josh Clemens (@joshclemens) and brought to you by Kevin. (Seems like Kevin’s got some acting experience)

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West vs East Chris Doyle Interview

Doyle's West vs East Interview

Doyle has been known as the “pros pro” for some time now for a number of reasons;  He’s constantly the nice guy to all riders, knows what his sponsors wants, and is the constant badass on whatever he rides.  He’s also known for coming out to SoCal every year and killing the local trails.  We decided to sit down with Chris while he was visiting out west at Heath Pinter’s house to get what the big differences are and everything else in-between.  Click here to view it all, and click images to view big. View Gallery

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Top Lodes Stems In Stock!


We just got our new Connor Lodes signature “Top Lodes” stems in stock not too long ago and they turned out amazing. The Top Lodes is a nice and mellow top load stem if you’re looking for a stem that doesn’t have as much rise (or drop) as a traditional top load, but still want a traditional reach. It’s also got a great old school style with clean modern lines. And like Connor, it’s perfect for dialing in your nose manuals. Hit up your local shop or favorite mail-order to get one special ordered….And don’t forget to check out his signature Axes pivotal while you’re at it.

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F.O.D. Trail Gallery with Dennis, Connor and Friends


There is a rad Gallery of Dennis, Connor and friends at the F.O.D. trails the guys over at Markit the other day. If you haven’t already seen it be sure to click on the link HERE and check it out.

Also while your over the be sure to check out the new Rob Wise unseen Markit Zero photos that they just posted this morning. Those guys are killing it over there!

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Hucker Sessions Gorge Rd. Jump Park for Red Bull

Hucker makes his annual, or actually I think it’s semi-annual, migration to New Zealand to ride trails, milfs, jetski’s naked, and continue to live free in every way every day. Well worth the watch because any footage of Huck is well worth watching. Thanks to Red Bull for putting all this together.

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Last Chance On YouTube

To show off our new YouTube channel, we uploaded our 2011 full length Last Chance video.  We separated the sections on our Vimeo channel a couple years back but now you can watch it in its entirety. Even if you’ve seen it before, it’s definitely worth another watch.

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