Raditudes – Episode 9 – Quarter Master

Wow, this episode of Raditudes shows just how much Hucker can huck himself! The boys head over the pond to Redbull’s Quarter Master Contest, where we get to watch Hucker enter the elite group of riders that have blasted their BMX’s over 20 feet out of a quarter. This is Hucker at his finest!

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Vital’s Game of BIKE


Connor Lodes, Mike Gray and Josh Clemens all are going to be at Hollenbeck Skatepark in Los Angeles, this Saturday, for VitalBMX’s Game of BIKE and if your lucky enough to be in the area, your not going to want to miss the madness. Ever imagine what a game of BIKE would look like between your favorite street pros in the game? Well imagine no longer, just get over to Hollenbeck Skatepark in LA at noon or if your not able to make it in person, head over to VitalBMX.com at noon on Saturday where you can watch the contest live.

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Christian Rigal Pegs Feature

Christian RIgal Pegs Feature

Pegs have become synonymous with Rigal’s riding. Every web edit and DVD section he’s put together in the last few years has pushed the four peg game to places no one else has. I would bet that if you asked any rider out there what their most memorable clip of Christian is that every response given would be a clip of him using one, two, three or four of his pegs in some new Christian kind of way. What might not come immediately to mind, unless you’ve followed Christian’s riding from the beginning, is that he can do crazy shit on anything he wants. Ramps, trails, street and I’m sure flatland too if he wanted. Often times the stuff that he is doing without pegs is just as crazy and unique as his grind game, so we went out riding with Christian and put together this series of photos of him out there killing it without the use of his grinders. Click top photo to open the gallery.  Enjoy!

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Tyler and Christian Unseen

Andrew White just put up a couple rad shots of Tyler and Christian up on the new DIG site from previous photoshoots. Check them out in all their glory here>>.  Click here to see Christians  READ MORE

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Matt Cordova Blasting in the Rez!

Gigantic tuck no hander somewhere in the Inland Empire shot by Nathan Sykes

The Pala Band of Mission Indians had the brilliant idea of building a badass skatepark on their land and giving BMXers a few sessions a week to enjoy it. Matt Cordova and Nathan Sykes take advantage of Pala’s good decisions and made the trek south to visits the Rez and take part in some high air activities. And to our enjoyment Nathan shot this ridiculously perfect tuck no hander of Matt out of one of the more technical pocket quarters in the park. Check out this photo big and save it as your new wallpaper!

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Tyler Fernengel in The Michigan Video

The Michigan Video‘s full length DVD is now available online for your viewing pleasure. The entire DVD is awesome from start to finish and our boy, Tyler Fernengel, came through with a possible 2014 NORA Cup Video Part of the Year at the 34:00 minute mark. Sit back, relax, press play, and enjoy!

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Get The Case!

I know this isn’t directly related to Demolition or BMX too much but since it has Mike ‘Rooftop’ Escamilla and Jason Enns in it, we couldn’t resist.  When Mike tells you about his future projects, you usually just listen and nod.  Imagine hearing about this one, it sounded absolutely nuts when he first told me about it.  Now that I see it, I can’t believe how rad it came out.  It seriously looks like a professional commercial you’d see during primetime TV.  Glenn Milligan (filmer/ editor) definitely got some points on making this one look as rad as it did.   Now I need to get me one of those Lowepro cases, especially if that camera in the case didn’t break after all that…

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Drew Hoss, Mediocre at Best!

Mediocre at Best: Drew Hosselton from Bobby Kanode on Vimeo.

Man what a way to wake up to a Monday huh? HUH!?!? Drew’s riding is always so full of fun and creativity it never fails to get me stoked on riding and I can’t wait till the next session. This section is filled with so many interesting setups and combined with Drew’s ability to think up equally interesting moves for those setups, this section is really not one to missed. Bobby Kanode is the man behind the lens of Mediocre at Best and is responsible for the creation of the DVD as well as for putting Drew’s section online for all of us to enjoy! Now everybody say thank you to Bobby…. THANK YOU BOBBY!

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Dennis’ takes 1st AND 2nd at Brooklyn Dew!

So stoked for the champ! Ha! Although he would hate being called that, what Dennis isn’t hating is life right now! First winning street style in Portland, then winning street yesterday in Brooklyn and then taking home second today in street style, Dennis is straight killing it right now. Check out this highlight reel from yesterdays street finals and then click on the post to take a look at Dennis’ street style run that landed him second today.
Also a huge congratulations goes out to Tyler Fernengel for taking home fourth in today’s street style comp.  So sick!! READ MORE

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