Ride’s Bangers and Mash Jam Gallery

Bangers and Mash
The 2nd Annual Bangers and Mash Jam took place this past weekend at the Stay Stong compound and we had a handful of the Demolition family on hand shredding. RideBMX just posted a gallery from the day with tons of amazing shots by the man Jeff Z. Above is our new recruit Matt Cordova, going completely backwards in a nac-nac… INSANE! Check out the full gallery HERE.

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Sheep Herding With Kris Fox And Hucker

Sheep Herding With Kris Fox & Hucker

When I think of Sheep Hills, I think of SNAP magazine, Barspinner Ryan, S&M guys, Sean Butler and many other local SoCal riders that used to ride/ dig there daily.  It’s famous “moon dust” dirt, and local legends made it a hot spot for pros and inspiring pros at the time.  It was one of the few dirt spots that’s open to the public, and where you can go and see half a dozen pros riding together or shooting photos.  Many years later, the old guys got older and went less and less and the new breed of HB locals took over.  When you think of Sheep Hills today, you’ll definitely see Kris Fox and Hucker’s name in the lineup.  We thought we’d get the skinny with Hucker and Kris with having Sheep Hills in their backyard and everything else in-between.  Read the whole interview and check the photo gallery after the jump.  View Gallery

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How To Bump Manual with Kris Fox

Ever seen Kris do those badass rear tire bonk things as he racers over a jump? Well they’re called Bump Manuals and Kris has teamed up with the media crew over at Woodward West to put out this How To so you can go out a learn em and be steezy just like Kris!

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Rob Wise’s Street Jump Comp

Since we all know that Rob Wise is a beast on the streets and can do crazy tricks while bunnyhopping over or across anything in his path (As pictured above),  we thought it would be cool to hold a contest for you guys to do the same to win Rob Wise’s signature Elite fork.
What: All tricks must be on street and while bunnyhopping (i.e. straight bunnyhop, gap, drop, etc.).  Tricks off a jump or launch ramp will not count.
How: Enter all photos on either Facebook or Instagram and hashtag #streetjumpcomp.  All entries must also follow @demolitionparts and @rawbwise to be eligible to win.
What You Can Win:  Our top 3 picks will win Rob’s Elite forks in either flat black or chrome.
When: July 28th – Aug 15th
Good luck!


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Kris Fox Interview


Kris Fox has a rad interview over at VansBMX’s tumblr site about being invited to this years Vans US Open in his hometown, Huntington Beach, CA. So stoked to see Kris out there killing it this year. Check it out the interview VansBMX did with Kris HERE. Photo by Colin Mackay

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Wise Lands 3rd at SOSH

Rob cruised across the pond to Paris recently with fellow Demo Alum, Christian Rigal, to compete in the SOSH urban motion video contest and the pair landed themselves a third place finish. Considering this was all filmed on iPhones and in about a weeks time this edit really came out amazing. Good job dudes!

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Jason Enns’ DIY Wallpaper


Everyone take note if you haven’t already, Jason Enns is a secret spot master! Everytime I see an amazing spot online or on instagram that I have never seen before, Enns is the one riding it. And if it’s not some amazing looking tranny spot or bowl out in the middle of Timbuktu it’s a setup he built down the street from his house thats just about better than any other setup in town. Take this here pole jam gap he built, just a small to medium euro gap setup at a pretty stock bank spot and then with the introduction of a pole, a few rocks and a sledge hammer, a badass spot that everyone wants to ride emerges. Take note everyone, you want your own amazing DIY Enns spots to ride? Get to thinking, get some raw materials together and get at it! But for now, click on this post and save this rad Jason Enns pole jam gap as your new desktop wallpaper!!

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Hucker and Tyler in Raditudes Ep. 4

The fourth episode of “Raditudes” just dropped and this episode is pretty damn funny and has a ton of awesome riding throughout. The funny moments include Tyler falling in love and wanting to marry a cirque du soleil olympian moments before Hucker gets mesmerized by her upside-down lady parts… The other thing worth mentioning is just how crazy Tyler’s trucks to downside whips are! Just watch and see for yourself. Stoked on this series! Good job dudes!

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The Fresh Press Of Bel-Air


Just got a cool update from our boy, Aaron Smith on what he’s been up to on and off his bike:
“I’ve been super busy running The Fresh Press and riding as much as possible.  Things are going really well with the business though,  we have a ton of regulars already and new customers everyday.  I haven’t been traveling as much as usual, but the weather has been amazing and Boston is my favorite place to ride anyways.  Lee Hopkins snapped a couple photos from the past weekend cruising the city.” – Aaron Smith  Hit more to see  more.  READ MORE

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Extended Family: Andrew Lazaruk’s In Yo Face

Extended Family: Lazar with a closeup of a big ass euro wallride
Our new blog feature, “Extended Family” is something we came up with to show off our flow riders and friends we hook up from time to time.  We have a slew of badass friends that support us by running our parts and we never really show them off on the blog and etc till now…
Above is a photo I’ve been sitting on of Lazar of a closeup shot of a big ol’ euro wallride in the IE. Click image to go big >>

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