Colorado Camping Trip Video

The Demolition summer camping trip to Colorado was epic before it even started. With our riders, Tyler Fernengel, Chris Doyle, Kris Fox, Rob Wise, Matt Cordova, Connor Lodes, and Dennis Enarson we already knew the crew was tight and everyone was already ready to get to Colorado to ride some epic parks. More importantly than the riding, the crew felt more like a family than a team on this trip, and like most “camping trips” the experience there was unforgettable. Oh, and the riding was f-n nuts… Full gallery with action and chill shots are after the jump too.
Special Thanks: This video and our trip couldn’t have been as fun or made possible without these people behind the scenes: The Cordova family, Kenny Enarson, and Clay Brown.
Filmed & Edited by M.Mastroni. Photos by B.Castillo  View Gallery

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Demolition At The Van Doren Invitational


Our guys, Dennis Enarson, Kris Fox, Matt Cordova, Hucker and Coco (extended family member) were all in attendance at the Van Doren Invitational in HB last month and since we had such a big turnout we decided to shoot a photo gallery and ask a few questions to the guys.  Check out what they had to say about the comp itself, and anything else in general after the jump  View Gallery

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Dennis’ Ride Print Ad

When we see an awesome photo, we get stoked out of our mind. Little did we know after we submitted this to RIDE that Dennis would also 540 this damn fence. A week after we got this in to the mag, we saw the 540 on Instagram of all places. Regardless, we’re still stoked on the ad and it’s just to show you that if Dennis can jump it, he can also 540 it too… Dennis’ Rig bars, cranks, tires and Markit seats and sprockets are available now at your local Demolition dealer.  Photo by J.Cobbs. READ MORE

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Tate Roskelley’s The Finer Things Video Part

I’ve seen my fair share of riders and different eras of bmx but I’ve never seen another rider anywhere close to Tate’s riding and abilities to think outside the box of what is possible. To come up with some of the stuff Tate does is at times incomprehensible and some don’t comprehend, and is the reason why I love it so much. His Volume ‘The Finer Things’ section just dropped and is beyond of what I would think even he would come up with. His riding is fun, he puts a lot of thought into it, and it gets people flustered. What’s better then that!! Filmed by Mike Mastroni

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Enns in Pools Gold Ep. 2

DIG just put up the 2nd episode of their Pools Gold video. In this episode, the dudes shred some more amazing pools and talk a bit about the vibes and why they enjoy this style of riding. Enns has some awesome clips and there’s even a couple more guest clips from our buddy Rooftop. Check out Episode 1 if you missed that…

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Double Duty with A-Boy

About a year ago, Aaron Smith opened an organic juice bar in Portsmouth, NH called The Fresh Press. Since then he’s still been trying to ride as much as possible and even managed to find time to squeeze in a couple trips. Check out this awesome video that Vital did with Aaron as he talks about pulling double duty as a pro rider and business owner, then he gets some clips at a couple local spots. Be sure to swing by The Fresh Press if you’re ever in the Portsmouth area.

The Fresh Press
90B Fleet St. Portsmouth, NH 03801

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An Honest Interview With Dennis

For those that saw Dennis’ CEEKLIFE edit that dropped earlier this week, here’s the interview/gallery that RIDE UK/ Robin Pearson put out that went along with the edit. In typical Dennis fashion, he rides street, pool, ramp and dirt in here and does it with the best of em. Check out the feature here>>

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